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Welcome to OIV! You’ve likely landed on this page because you want to learn how to start earning income online. You also want to uncover how to use digital marketing to earn more income. And if you’re going to combine online payment with a freedom-based lifestyle allowing you to work, play, and live anywhere in the world, you’re in the right place!

Introduction: How I earned my first income online

The first business that made me money was a gift basket business in 2009. I was good at basket making, but I didn’t love it. The first time I taught an online class was around 2011. I was teaching women in an online course how to save money and reduce their grocery receipts by 50%. I was instantly in love!

It was so much fun, and they were getting results! I learned that teaching was a natural skill set for me. But I knew if I wanted to learn how to start earning income online consistently and teach others how to also, I needed to invest in learning more.

But I knew I needed and wanted more

I started studying marketing, paid for business Coaching (mentorship), and even traveled to a mastermind to learn how to make money online. . In 2013 I created and sold my first eBook (I had no idea it was even called an eBook when I created it…lol).

I referred to it as a PDF download at the time. Just the thought of being able to open my laptop and earn money still tickles me.

Over time I have taken a break from teaching others online marketing and income skills. But as with any innate gift, you can not stop the fire from burning. Online Income Vault (OIV) is more than just a website or blog of make-money resources.

It is a growing community of goal-getters, first-time leapers, and dreamers ready to earn their first income online or grow from where they already are online all while living a free lifestyle.

These freedoms are made possible through the power of knowledge, skillset (natural or learned), consistency, and action-taking.

What does it mean to live a free lifestyle?

Living a free lifestyle has no one meaning. It will be different for every person. Even a husband and wife can have their own individual definition of living a free lifestyle. One individual may enjoy working remotely on a fixed schedule, (find a legit remote job and learn how to get started today.) but with the freedom to work from a beach town. 

So they would have the freedom in their everyday life to watch the sunrise and sunset. Have dinner at a restaurant overlooking the waves crashing into the sand every night. 

Another approach to living a free lifestyle is the individual that enjoys complete independence of their time. As well as their income. They may run a business or three and have a team that manages the day-to-day.

Therefore providing autonomy to be anywhere in the world they choose to be at any time. How does Bali, Africa, Puerto Rico, Canada, or a road trip across the USA sound?

Choosing to be location-independent won’t hinder your online income or lifestyle. No matter how or where you choose to work your life CAN flow freely. 

Seasons of life

Meanwhile, another individual may be in a season of life where caring for others is their priority. And they need the highest level of flexibility in the work that they do daily. Work that doesn’t require a fixed schedule, or that is only part-time or even a seasonal type of work may be best.

Allowing for unexpected schedule changes and the freedom to spend more time with the people they love. Without sacrificing planned time away for family excursions or vacations. 

Planning out days and calendars make all things flow for this individual’s lifestyle. However, they would benefit from learning how to start earning income online. The type that allows for changes to be penciled in without life completely falling apart.

how to start earning income online

Starting to get a mental picture of what your life could look like day-to-day when you marry online income + a free lifestyle together?

And when your seasons change (and they will) remember there are no rules, that is the power of digital marketing and living a free lifestyle. 

 What earning an income online is not?

Before I break down each of the three online income types, I want to clarify what an online income lifestyle is not.

If you landed here chances are you’ve already searched online for how to find legit work from home, and how to make money online. How to have a freedom-based lifestyle, or even how to start a business online. 

In your online search, I am sure you have come across many how-to get-rich-quick articles and videos. You may have even heard of MLM or Network Marketing and CryptoCurrency. And while all of these have their place in the online money-making world. These are not paths that I focus on here on the Online Income Vault.

And they are not all scams. However, I do encourage you to do your own due diligence on this website and others.

The online income vault was designed to give you practical step-by-step tools, resources, and training on how to build an online income as well as using your natural gifts or learned skills paired with digital marketing to help you reach your niche/ideal (specific) audiences.

Some methods work faster than others and some ways produce higher online income than others. Nothing shared through the online income vault website, our Facebook, or Instagram pages is a claim to getting rich quickly.

My goal in creating this content is to cut your learning curve. Share with you what really works and cheer you on as you make your first $1, $100, $1000, and beyond from your online efforts. I will be teaching and sharing what has worked for me as well as others before you. 

The truth about marketing

There are some keys to know before we dive deeper into how to earn online income. If your desire is to build a profitable business that earns consistent income, learning how to market your business is non-negotiable. The following are the 3 parts that must be encompassed in the making of your online income. Write these down and include them as you grow your online income model.

  1. Nurturing-creating know, like, and trust with your audience. Always remember people buy from those they know, like, and trust. Be yourself. Your audience will know if you are pretending or not genuine.
  2. Marketing-what your audience remembers about you/your business = your brand. While your brand also includes the aesthetics ie; your logo and colors this is not your whole brand.
  3. Selling-the solution( (your offer) what problem does your business/offer solve? The focus should always be to solve the (2 am-I can’t sleep, major pain point) problem that your audience has.

All of these are the foundations for creating an online income if a digital business is your long-term desire. Below are a few examples of how to earn income online.

How do you start earning an income online?

  1. You can start with something simple like creating a PDF cheat sheet, guide, or an ebook like this one. You can also create and sell printable checklists, menus, or planners. Any of these products could very well create a $100-1,000+ monthly income for you.

The effort that it takes to create this piece of content also called a digital product, is something that can be done one time in as little as a few hours. And it will continue to bring you income for months and even years to come as it has for me and my past students.

2. Another great digital product to create is an online course. You could set your course up as a self-study course, and automate it to be an on-demand learning experience. How you choose to structure your course is absolutely up to you.

This is a great way to earn an income that has the potential to bring $1000-$10,000+ monthly. I launched a course in 2017 that earned me $72,000 in revenue from one single course launch.

The time that it takes to find and create this type of online income could be a few days to a couple of months. With a payout that could continue for a few weeks to several months or several years.

How do time and money play a role in earning an income online?

No one choice is for everyone. Chances are if this is an introduction for you to the possibilities of earning an income by working online, you will transition many times. It may take time to find your groove in the space of online money-making.

And if you desire to have multiple streams of income coming in, pace yourself and take it seriously. Before you know it you will have found what works for you. 

Being consistent, investing time and money in training, coaching, and books to learn skills, and understanding the digital world will also be helpful. In one year I invested well over $35,000 into business coaches’ live events and many pieces of training. Along with the time I invested in learning and honing my skills as a digital marketer.

I have learned much more quickly through these aides. However, I have found that action is the best teacher.

Because there is plenty of money to be made online and thousands of ways to develop a steady online income, the actual investment is the one that you make in yourself.

 How to Choose What Type of Online Income You Want To Earn?

First, ask yourself your reason for wanting to make money online.

Next, ask yourself what is the dream. What do you want your online income and free lifestyle to look like? 

I have helped hundreds of individuals to earn an income online and develop their free lifestyles. I created the three paths to start making an income online and live a free lifestyle. 

The Transitioner

Path #1 You enjoy the work that you are currently doing but prefer to do it virtually or remotely so that you have more control over your day. Or you may be in a season of life that allows you to stay home. You may be a caregiver (of children, spouse, elderly parents, or other family members). 

You can start out by making a plan to transition from your daily work commute to working from the comfort of your home with a remote or virtual job. These jobs are done entirely online with little to no need to go into a physical office. 

As a Transitioner, you may not be interested in continuing your 9-5 or career work in a virtual capacity. You may be entirely ready to transition from commuting to work daily to becoming your own boss. If this is more your path see the subsequent two paths in this post.

You also have the option to choose work that is flexible-the position may have due dates/deadlines but you decide when you do the work. The task that you do may be one-time payments or ongoing or seasonal assignments. 

You can start your transition today with companies such as Alorica, Transcom, Conduent, Sykes, or Arise

Want more remote/work-at-home insight? Get my work-at-home eBook here. Learn what it takes to work at home remotely for a corporation and the equipment you need along with a list of legit work-at-home jobs that are continuously looking to hire great talented individuals.

The Treader

Path #2 You may be a Treader if you have some consistent cash flow coming to you in this season of life. You may already have income from a rental portfolio, savings, retirement, pension, etc. However, now you need more cash flow to live your free lifestyle.

Treaders often take their hobbies, skills, or life experiences and turn them into paid side gigs. Using sites like Esty, Fiverr, and eBay, make a living writing, Rev, and UpWork to get started as a freelancer. Some may find leveraging previous job/career skills outside of the traditional setting profitable as well. Skills like teaching online, supporting small business owners with accounting services, consulting/coaching for breastfeeding moms, natural hair care, and cooking videos.

Then there’s the option to work a virtual or remote job and earn a steady paycheck weekly or bi-weekly that gives you a monthly income of $2,000 to $5,000+. You can do this as a W-2 employee or a 1099 Independent Contractor. 

The Thrillist 

Path #3 Thrillist are adventure seekers! You want the ability to create unlimited income. You also like to move to and from with no restrictions. Thrillist include staycations, weekend trips, travel, and leisure time into their regular day-to-day schedules  

Thrillist may earn income from a variety of streams. Having a lifestyle business is not uncommon for these leapers. A Thrillist enjoys the ability to tap into the digital world and benefit significantly from a no-cap online income. Not all, but some Thrillist also enjoy building communities to help others develop their cash flow, businesses, and investments.

Click here to watch this YouTube video where I break down the steps I took to earn over $19,000 online income. With proof!

They take what they are passionate about and overtly knowledgeable about and then turn it into a business that produces income that allows them to live entirely on their own terms.

Some of the industries that Thrillist grow their own businesses in are; Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, eCommerce, Virtual Assistant, Coder/Web development, Video Editing, Coaching, Digital product creation, Online Courses, Teacher/Creator, Dropshipper, Trader/Investor, and the list goes on.

In Conclusion

Learning how to start earning an Online Income is not a challenging goal to accomplish. However, you must be willing to take action, implement and invest in what you want whether you are a Transitioner looking for a virtual/remote job. A Treader ready to flip your hobby or skillset into earned online income.

Or the Thrillist who is ready to combine business and leisure.

The number one step you must take now is to choose just one thing to get started on today. 

Are you already earning an income online? If so, comment below what type of income are you earning.

If you’re online income ready to learn how to start earning online income comment below and let me know which of the three paths you’ll be taking. 

I am excited to read your comments.

Share your decision and get ready to create and enjoy your online income and a free lifestyle!

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